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What You’ve (I’ve) Missed

I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me. This update is far past due! I really don’t have any excuse for my absence… Other than a six month old who never wants to let go of her mama. The internet makes it seem like a mother of only one child should have her life perfectly together. That mom on Instagram has the perfect routine, the perfect system, the perfect schedule. I’m here to tell you that it is just not that way! We don’t really do routines around here. Every day looks somewhat different. Kinley doesn’t take naps at the same time every day. She doesn’t take a bath every single night and we’re not always home for “bed time.” But does that make me a lesser mom than that mom on Instagram? Heck no! I’m just a real mom living my real life. Sometimes real life gets in the way of things like working on a blog. Simply because it takes lesser priority over things like feeding the baby, feeding myself, and heck, enjoying a silent moment when the baby finally takes a little nap.

Anyways, enough of trying to explain myself. Let’s just get on to the good stuff! I have a few random updates about the house for this post. The first and most exciting one is… WE MOVED IN! Yes, a few weeks ago! And it has been so amazing to be in our home and experience the fruit of our (Paul’s) labor!

Before we moved in we needed to finish the flooring of the main living area, master bedroom, and master bathroom. I don’t remember if I mentioned it previously, but, we chose luxury vinyl “wood” planks for the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms. Here, Paul is laying the last piece of flooring in the living room! His wide range of knowledge and dedication to getting a job done amaze me every day!


After the vinyl planks were finished, Paul got to work on tiling the master bathroom. I plan on making a detailed post about tiling when we do the guest bathroom! Paul got this job done in just a couple days, of course, because he’s superman.

Once the tiling was done, we purchased new trim to install throughout the house. It was sold pre-primed so we just had to paint it and cut the correct sizes. This project only took a couple days, which we were very happy about! The trim really tied everything together and we could see the vision for our home coming to life! Another finishing touch was installing fans and light fixtures. We love the sconces we chose for the living room!

After these tasks were finished, the main living area and master were practically done! There were still some little projects to wrap up here and there but nothing that prevented us from living in the space. Of course, the guest bathroom, laundry room, office, and Kinley’s room are all still under construction. We’re also still waiting on our counter-tops to be ready for installation. Once those are in, we’ll be able to put in a back-splash in the kitchen.

For me, the true fun has been picking out furniture and decor for our new space. It feels so amazing to have a clean slate in which I can create practically anything I can imagine (within reasonable, thrifty, limits, of course). I can’t wait to share my journey of decorating our home and pretending I’m Joanna Gaines! OH, that reminds me! Did anyone else hear about the new line of home goods that Chip and Joanna are releasing with Target?! Hearth and Hand will be available in-store and online on November 5th. Good thing I have a November birthday because I’m going to need a good excuse for buying every item in the collection. Be on the lookout for posts soon revealing our finished (well, mostly-finished) rooms!

Xoxo, Kaeli


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  • Are you liking your luxuary vinyl ? I’m about to lay all new flooring in my entire house & right now I’m between that or pergo laminate ?

    • Hi Autumn! We are absolutely LOVING the luxury vinyl! It is so durable and so easy to clean. It looks great and feels great, too! The process of installing it wasn’t too difficult either, which is a huge plus.

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