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Baby Ballerina Costume | Easy DIY

Now that it’s almost Halloween, it is probably about time to start coming up with costumes for our kiddos. I know I have put this off for far too long.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. Am I right?

With a little creative thinking, some household items, and a couple things from Amazon, I was able to create this super adorable baby ballerina costume – and you can, too!

What You Need

It doesn’t take much to create this cute little costume. Here are the items we used…

  1. Pink shirt/onsie
  2. White tights/leg warmers
  3. Long sleeve shirt/turtleneck
  4. Pink shoes
  5. Tutu
  6. Crown/headband/bow

Dancing Through the Details

The shirts, tights, and shoes are all items you may have already, which makes your life a whole lot easier! I just so happened to have this ballerina shirt, which worked out perfectly. I found the turtleneck at Marshalls for $3. Score!

I love the ruffled turtleneck because it adds a classic ballerina look. Just mix and match whatever pink or white tops you have available to you!

These leg warmers were an Amazon Prime purchase. They were under $8. Can’t beat that! The tights are a household staple and the pink shoes probably are too if you have a little baby girl. 

Last but not least, the tutu and tiara. These items truly complete your baby ballerina costume! These are also Amazon Prime purchases and are very affordable, as well. 

Both items total around $20 and I am so impressed with the quality. The tiara comes in this precious keepsake box and I’ll definitely be holding onto it as a memory of my daughter’s first Halloween costume.

As you can see, this baby ballerina costume is so easy and so affordable. I am so happy with how it all turned out!

So, I’m curious to know. Did you try something similar for your little one this Halloween? What easy, DIY costume ideas do you have? Please leave your ideas and experiences in the comments below!

Xoxo, Kaeli




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