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Favorite Things Party | How To Host Your Own!

Well, here I am again with another Joanna Gaines related post! Who would’ve guessed, right!?

This time, I’m sharing my experiences with hosting a Favorite Things Party! I can’t take full credit for this idea. The winter edition of The Magnolia Journal contained an article by Joanna about her ideas and inspirations for a Favorite Things Party.

What is a Favorite Things Party (FTP), you ask? Simple! Each guest brings a favorite thing, participates in a gift exchange at the party, and goes home with several new “favorite things” to try!

Now, my party happened to take place during the holidays, however, this was not a necessary requirement. Throw your FTP at any time of the year! It’s a great excuse to get some friends together and share food, gifts, and fellowship.

Dress Your Party Up

To start things off, I took a little inspiration for the color scheme of my party from the FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS that Joanna shared in her article. Follow this link and then click on “Winter Issue 2017 Download.” From there, open the Winter17_Printable_FavoriteThingsTags PDF. You’re welcome!


With my color scheme of dark purple, blush pink, teal, and dark blue in mind, I went to The Dollar Tree and found this adorable paper pom-pom garland! I used it, and some fairy lights I already had, to create this really pretty “photo booth” wall!

The Dollar Tree is an awesome place to find party decorations and other party necessities. It may not always be the best quality, but it’s affordable and it gets the job done!

The good stuff – food…and drinks!

There are many ways to approach this part of your FTP party. In my case, I asked my guests to each bring a “favorite food.” We made sure to have a well-rounded menu (so, not everyone brought a dessert) but it was nice to try different things!


I made a crockpot of chili (so easy!) and the sugar cookies that I’ll be talking about in a few minutes. (I followed this recipe in my first attempt at making the perfect sugar cookie!)

Of course, what party with your favorite girls would be complete without sparkling rosé? We had to have that, too! And we even dressed it up with cotton candy, creating these totally “instagramable” cocktails.

The Life of the Party

Finally, it’s time for the fun stuff! Because my guest list wasn’t very big (several girls were unable to attend), I decided it’d be fun to have a couple activities in addition to the gift exchange.

I already mentioned the photo booth wall. This was so simple but so fun! We took some time to get some good photos as a group as well a lot of individual shots for each guest. After the party, I shared these photos on Facebook for my guests to save and use as they wished.

Next up, I found this adorable spin on the classic Christmas cookie decorating concept. Where did I find it, you ask? Pinterest! Where else?

No one else at the party had ever painted “watercolor” sugar cookies, either! I was thrilled that everyone seemed to have a fun time with this activity! The finished cookies are just too cute. This is the blog post I got my inspiration from!

Present Time!

At last, the gift exchange! There are also many ways to go about this part of the party. In my case, here is how we did it…

  • In my initial party invitation, I asked each guest to think of one item that was their “favorite thing” and cost $10 or less. I then asked that they bring three of that item, each individually wrapped, to the party.
  • Once it was party time, I multiplied the number of people participating in the gift exchange by three (in our case there were eight people so our number was 24). I wrote down numbers 1-24 on little pieces of paper. Then, everyone drew three numbers out of a bowl.
  • From here, the person who had number one started off the exchange and chose a wrapped gift that they wanted to open. Once they chose their gift, the person with number 2 went next, and so on.
  • Everyone waited to do the unwrapping until each guest had chosen their three gifts.
  • We then went around in a circle opening our gifts and explaining why they were our favorite things! It worked out well and was so much fun.                                                                                                      

Some examples of items that people brought to my party are chocolate, tea, candles, Starbucks gift cards, mascara, and bath salts!

I am so glad I saw this idea in The Magnolia Journal and decided to give it a try myself! We all agreed that we want to make this party a yearly tradition from here-on-out!

Have you thrown your own Favorite Things Party? What did you do to make your party unique? What cool items did people bring as their “favorites?” I’d love to know in the comments down below!

Xoxo, Kaeli







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