Our Life in Northern Michigan

Starting a YouTube Channel

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve started my own YouTube channel! View my channel HERE —> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGox6P4IEHgIpZKvsRNISvw

Many people may not know that I’ve been into YouTube for quite a while now. About four years ago, I stumbled across Kathleen Lights. She has a beauty/makeup channel and at the time I was very interested in these types of things.

I’m not sure how I found Kathleen’s channel – probably somewhere on social media – but ever since then I’ve discovered the world of YouTube that I never knew existed.

People literally make a living by filming and uploading videos. And the videos are about all sorts of things. Like Kathleen, many creators have beauty channels. Other’s make videos about travel or outdoor activities. There’s a huge group of creators who just film and upload their daily lives.

These people are lifestyle vloggers. And this is pretty much what I’m setting out to be.

After years of watching countless creators live their dreams through YouTube, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own channel! The channels I enjoy the most are family/lifestyle vlogging channels (literally video blogs) and this is the type of video I’m starting out with.

On my channel, Simply Stolts, you will see videos from our daily life in Northern Michigan. That’s sort of what my channel is going to embody – “our life in Northern Michigan.”

I’ll still be making blog posts here and there. I’d like to continue to share things about our home renovation and my life as a mommy.

I hope you will check out my channel! If you do, please share my videos wherever you’d like!

This new venture is exciting and I’m looking forward to growing as much as I can in 2018.

Xoxo, Kaeli

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